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About Me

I am David Small (Pronouns: He/Him), a Registered Psychologist in private practice with over ten years of mental health counselling experience.  My practice is focused on teens (12+), adults and couples. Check out my services to determine if I have the experience to help you!  

I am passionate about:

Work with Teens

  • I have extensive experience working with teen mental health issues. 

  • Male counsellors are rare!  All professional psychologists can be helpful, but at times a teen may request a male for support.  I am happy to be that option!

  • Building a therapeutic relationship is a key to successful counselling.

  • I don't mandate counselling for teens that are not ready - but we can talk about how to speak to reluctant teens about therapy.

LGBTQ+ Affirming Therapy

  • I am an Ally.  That means I counsel with an attitude of acceptance toward all LGBTQ+ identities, relationships and families.

  • 10+ years of experience working with people who are sexually or gender diverse.

  • I understand that your identity may have something to do with your therapy, or it may not!

  • I was a member of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity team with the Calgary Board of Education where I offered direct counselling support, developed school accommodations for students and offered presentations to stakeholders to improve awareness regarding the impact of hetero-normative and cis-normative perspectives on student functioning.

For more information about my work history you are welcome to view my Curriculum Vitae.

When I'm not at work...

  • You may find me hiking, running, at the gym, playing guitar or spending time with my wife and two children. 

  • You may hear from me in the Western Wheel speaking about mental health issues or offering adult learning presentations at the Okotoks Library.  We love Okotoks and we try to give back where we can!  Have a look at my media engagements:

  • I coordinate an annual fundraising event for Kids Up Front Calgary called Stranded (think Survivor TV show but shorter in duration and more intense!). Over a four year period our event has raised close to $250,000 for this amazing charity.

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